Vehicle maintenance for the Spring – Change your cabin filter

Spring is right around the corner and one of your maintenance requirements for spring should be to change your cabin air filter.  This filter is often overlook by shops, dealers and quick lubes but it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.  What better time to do this than now just before spring?  At we can help you get your vehicle ready for spring with a new cabin filter and we show you how to install it yourself.  Don’t let the pollen get you down this year change your cabin filter with a filter from!!

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Save money with DIY Car maintenance – Cabin filters

With today’s economy many people are trying to cut expenses and save money where they can.  One of the ways people are saving money is by doing their own car maintenance.  Many of these do it yourselfers are unaware that their vehicle is equipped with a cabin filter that also needs to be maintained on a regular basis and that changing that cabin filter is something that they can do themselves.  The recommended maintenance schedule for most cabin filters is 15,000 miles or 1 year whichever comes first. would like to help you save money by supplying you a cabin filter that will look and fit just like the original cabin filter in your vehicle but at a fraction of the cost.  We will ship you the cabin filter with no shipping or handling charges and show you how to install the cabin filter yourself with make and model specific instruction sheets that are included in each box and how to videos on our website.  Most cabin filters are easy to change and can be changed in 15 minutes or less.  Doing it yourself is not only rewarding but also saves you expensive dealer or quick lube labor rates.  The quality of our product is exceptional and I have more than 20 years in the automotive filtration industry and more than 11 years specifically in cabin filters.  Please stop by and see what I am talking about first hand.  We are eager to earn your business.

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Let me show you how to change a cabin filter in a Toyota Tacoma and Pontiac Vibe

Hey wanted to share with you how to change the cabin filter in a Toyota Tacoma and Pontiac Vibe.  The part number is AQ1045 it fit like a glove.

Only takes about 15 min or less

Tools:  Philips head screwdriver may be needed on some models

Location of cabin filter:

Behind the glove compartment

1.  Open the glove compartment.

2.  On the right hand side of the glove compartment you will see a rod connected to the glove compartment this is called the dampener rod.  This rod may be secured in one of two ways.  If the rod is secured by a screw use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw then remove the arm by slightly closing the glove compartment while pulling the arm slightly forward and off the shaft it was hooked to.  If the rod does not have a screw simply remove the arm by slightly closing the glove compartment while pulling the arm slightly forward and off the shaft it was hooked to.

3.  Now remove the glove compartment by pushing in on both sides of the glove compartment while pulling it downward until you disengage the stops on each side.

Once the stops are disengaged allow the glove compartment to swing downward and off its hinges.  Set the glove compartment aside

4.  You should now see the cabin filter door.  Open the cabin filter door by unlatching the two latches at the top of the door and allow the door to swing downward.

5.  Remove the old filter by pulling it straight out.

6.  Install the new filter with the air flow indicator arrow printed on the side of the filter down.

7.  Close the cabin filter door and make sure that you re-latch both sides.

8.  Pick up the glove compartment and re-hinge it at the bottom.  You should hear both hinges snap back in place.

9.  Once the bottom of the glove compartment is hinged in place at the bottom.  Partially close the glove compartment until the stops on each side re-engage.

10.  Now re-install the dampener rod by sliding it back on the shaft on the glove compartment or if your model had a screw slide it back on the shaft on the glove compartment and secure it with the screw.

11.  Close the glove compartment.

Thanks for looking!!!

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Acura TL

We shot a 2005 TL this week. One of our people met an older gentleman at the gym and asked him if he was interested in a free cabin filter installation. Like most everybody, he had no idea what a cabin filter was. He came to our office and we did the installation/filming in the parking lot. The shoot went fine and we had the pleasure of getting to know Charles.

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Valuable Cadillac lesson

Josh and I got our hands on a Cadillac SRX this week (2004 I think). One of the used car lots that we work with had it. As as we pulled up the cowling, I foolishly reached in and pulled on the filter housing and broke off one of the four tabs that secured it to the firewall. The remaining three tabs were not enough to hold it in place, and it simply fell off the firewall. We ended up gluing it in place with weather-strip adhesive. In the end, we realized that the housing had a cover that snaps off of the top and allows the filter to slide out while the housing is still attached. We ended up not shooting any video of that particular car because we had already spent all the time we had poking at it. We have since come across several forum posts relating similar stories about Cadillacs. When we do get access to another one, we will make a special point of explaining this housing design weakness in the video we make.

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Junkyard dogs

Dwayne and I took Josh for his first junkyard video shoot today. We went over to Pop’s pick-and-pay in Mechanicsville to look for something Mercury Mystique-ish from around 2000. We actually found one that had not been picked completely clean yet. We managed to get some decent footage. I bet we are the only ones who have ever smuggled new filters into a junkyard.

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